Landgasthof Hirsch-Lossburg im Schwarzwald
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Evi Rehfuß Sisu GvindiOver 400 years of history of the Rehfuss Family are tied to the "Hirsch".
You might say that we were born with hospitality. Our guests can feel that. If you would like to know more about our long family tradition, about our values and what is important to us, you can find out more here...
Our family history
We have been writing family history since 1602.
Jakob Rechfouss was the mayor of Sulz am Neckar and father of the first Hirsch landlord.
  1. During hard times, Jakob von Rechfouss (*1570 in Sulz) obtained the "Hirsch" from the Alpirsbach Monastery in 1602
  2. Johannes Rechfouss (*1598) Hirsch landlord and village mayor
  3. Jacob Rechfuss (*1651) only lived to the age of 44
  4. Georg Rechfuss (*1680)
  5. Jakob Rechfuss (*1679)
  6. Besides being a landlord, Johann Georg Rechfuss (*9.11. 1758) was also a butcher; and had four wivies by 1836
  7. Joh. Georg Rehfuss (*1785) was a butcher as well as being a landlord
  8. Joh. Georg Rehfuss was born in the times of the Wars of Liberation (1814)
  9. Joh. Georg Rehfuss (*1840) - Tourism and spa cures in the Black Forest were all the rage
  10. Christian Rehfuß (*1889) has two world wars before him
  11. Pauline Rehfuß (*1929) has managed the Hirsch since 1959, together with Joh. Brenner
  12. Evi Rehfuß (*1967) has been the "Hirsch landlady" since 1988
> since 1st of April 2005, with us and now an integral part of the family: our Hirsch dog Sisu, responsible for security at the hotel
> since the 30th of November 2012 our Hirsch dog Gvindi has been a permanent fixture of the Hirsch family - responsible for hospitality for our guests ;-)
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Landgasthof Hirsch-Lossburg im Schwarzwald