Landgasthof Hirsch-Lossburg im Schwarzwald
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Landgasthof Hirsch Lossburg Bei Facebook

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our guarantee of trust!


E-bikes and others
you can rent these during your stay at the "Hirsch", and even use them for free in part!

E-bikes - enjoy a new freedom!
E-bikes are fun and effortless. Fast, but not speedy. You always cycle but you can get up to three times the power.
This is thanks to a noise-less integrated electronic motor, which you can use if required.
You can book the E-Bike at the same time as your overnight stay...
... or during your stay from €5.00 by the hour or the day!

If not in the Black Forest - where then?
Our 3 mountain bikes are free to use up to 2 hours a day. 
Ideal for business guests, who need to clear their head after a hard day at work
(and there is the "Knetstuble" (massage parlour) for your legs...)
If you need the bikes for longer, you are welcome to rent the bikes for longer for a small fee!


The HirschTandem
The ultimate partnership test in communication and trust'll pass that easy, won't you?
here, the same applies: 2 hours a day are free, longer trips for a fee
Have a look at some of the tours! (on )

When it gets cold and dark in the Black Forest - or rains (yes, that happens sometimes), then our bicycles stay home! 
Also, our bicycles like to hibernate, and are therefore take their winter rest from November to March (depending on the weather).

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Landgasthof Hirsch-Lossburg im Schwarzwald